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nothing of this. breaking of the bone. How does Jill and how Mona, and Franny Fanny the third the third always the third, does she reinvent herself? Agog this algorithm of love.

And were the second any realer less valid than the third , the fourth becoming? The fiction machine, the action machine, the war machine, the degendering house bound spouting machine a claviers ironic. Who arrived firsting to the land, its thirst? Cain builder of cities . Along the plain of Gomorrah ( a good Irish place name if that M became a B and the G another sort of Gobmorah!) and Sodom.

Et Monsieur Complex c'était quoi ca? Une idée, une idée perdue? Mais non, cher ami tout est possible dans le créations des modes d'expérimentation. Alors, on continue nos travaux dans les domaines qui cherche et recherche des lienes non attendue ni prévue. Alors, ce sont des objets non prévue et les lignes de fuites invisible aussi qui travail dans le terrier.

In a recent interview given in Ottawa __ where Duffy had attended a gala representation of __ margin, outside, schizoia , removed scholars, crapped phd. student, welfare case, debt evader, burnt crop, winner and luster of the Gubneratorial Award: he said to our IntrePid Reporter:

a NOTE OF aesthetic caution to any readers of them blog and other blogprojects I working with: the full effect of these blogs and the expression of content t hey invoke will not work in a Reader , such as the well-known google. and so on. this have their space.
True readers must be blind. Not as blind as Joyce or Milton but a little bit shady the better. As a former Student of the bla bla bla academy and the recent blabla of the digital bla bla. Yes, well reading is a finer art let alone by the few and many. There is no pulchritude like that of the beauty of the word sufficient to its own grace. Not that of the Owl.

___ mister D can you run that by us again?Is there a recurrent motif to this repetitioning as always of the living word the process you alluded to?

Readers have their place, but the idea is to use the reader, and not be used by said Reader[s]__ ( a deconstructive S that was).

What you see there, is likely out of date some days, seconds after it was sent. We at the fiction blogs, at antioedipus and the guattari complex, to name but a few of our blogs,__ travel as aesthetic machines:magicians: the blog is the thing, not the so called content of any given posting. It is the untotalized whole which works its level best to have fun.______________ For hundreds of our listeners/auditors and readers this is the case| (recent survey estimate the readership at 102 a day coming to a totaliziing figure increasing daily). Thousands clog bloglines to read their daily missive! Its terrrrrible. I may need a grant soon to open our our server! Fiction is a thirst unbecoming!

However, it has come to our attention, that there is a small gang of 'readers' who cheat! clipping cutting and snapping off parts the blogs for their own case! their use! Imagine that! and in many cases, without so much as a by your leave and a creative commons acknowledgment! How so dear reader of the deep dumb astro spaces of the blogoverse? Yet that is nary the worst
the worst is the knot reading
the diagnosis cannot work
if it is taken in quarter measures?
(iknow some readers are forced! to use these de-vicers (these device deversers) Andit is my view that livebookmarks is the best feed at that trough)

(___ Given the present condition of the text do you think it desirable to read anything, Mister D? I mean your blogs have no space for commentary at all! is this not a sign of the closed dialogue?

Ah~ I see well here's my reply if you went to school where I went to school you'd see there's no time for replies in the form of commentaries that's for another type of forum not on the blogs ... I suppose one can by a book of commentaries... but that is not the nature of books of poems....

You don't know really know how to speak do you Mister D?

Yes I am finally glad you got that, that is why I write ... Some people believe I am Canadian yet I am from Mars.

Henceforth our tentacles might become the air wave of transmission and the
prophet of mantle clad _________ brown footed stairways.

______________ Read on O Reader however many and/or few fit. Take pleasure in your desire to hearthe word of the :

Radio :

"Thus, nothing acts unless by acting it makes patent its latent self."


the 'i' incite __

(desire the flame of buddhism
the candle that according to Sakyamuni
must be extinguished so that the wheel existence halts)

(the folly of doing and not doing _ Bruno?
burning /Joyce)

(27 eye operations
17 yrs on the Wake
a grief comic bold and tal(l)e
laughing vingt septs années)
(we call and recall Vico)


Hegel again taken
from behind the double door.

Now Dante was prob. there before Mister Hegel, which lessens not a jot the former's contribution.

And Dante perhaps and most likely acquired his
latent/patent stamp
the old Thomas Aquinas
Scotus the Erigena John the Irishman
(a ham doubtless)

And Dedalus quoting the aforesaid Father
to counter Cranly and Lynch
that which apprenhends in the mind
as a fading coal
recalling Shelley's image
Shelley against Tennyson

( can you supply the quote next time?
O sure! here it is, but its fused in my mind with the Ode
to the West Wind... yet if I recall rightly, it goes
like this
The mind in creation is as a fading coal, which some invisible influence, like an inconstant wind, awakens to transitory brightness . . yes, the fading coal which then leaves embers... in
the mind)

In any event one must read and two must write:the poet and his poem.
Not quite the same as the poet and her text
Her text poem her event text one one verse
poem one must poet read her.


How is it that you cite Hegel, the dreaded double-entendred his-self? After all, were not your mentors Professrrs Challeng and Guattari nonHegelian even espousing an againstness to the subject?

CD_ Naturally! it's true. Absolutely. but you must remember that before I went to Paris and the St
. Denis and the Vincennes years I was reading Hume and Laing in London, Kingsly Hall and all that. There was a different beat there for someone like myself, a different trip. Anyhow, Laing didn't read Hegel the same way, he used it, in some of the ideas he had worked on in Self and Others: collusion, swindling in interpersonal relations. And at Kingsley Hall which was pretty much closing, and became the Philadelphia Association, we came to things differently. It was not philosophy as such that was being done, it was work, daily work with crazy people. And there were no more distinctions being made between the crazy and noncrazy people. I mean, we read what we wanted. I went over to Paris i t was late 72 and then the whole other thing started. I think it was not until the spring of 1973 that I started going to hear the talks at Paris V11. I was a kid man! just a kid, and I thought, I had thought I was schizo_ turn out I wasnt .... David and I had gone over to England to see the Laing thing, see how it worked, operated, how it got people back on their feet. I had nothing to do with philosophy as a discipline in the true sense of the word at that time. I was reading of course, I had read Nietzsche, Sartre, and Kierkegaard, I was reading Joyce again and again, and everything about him, Proust and others. And naturally I was reading poetr y, all the poetry I could read and at anytime. Hegel was not even in the picture he was a name to me, and those lines that I quoted, more or less from an old underlined book, were once something Laing had talked about , the idea of patent and latent self and he would give these talks, not just him, but different people, each week or month. There was the workwith the schizophrenics, the crazy noncrazy people and there were talks some on analysis on philosopphy, on the War, the whole scene. It was an amazing place to be... then I began to travel over to France, and then Italy and Greece. I never stayed there long, it was not a nice place, they were torturiing people in the prisons, I had read that in the poetry that Brian McCarthy had published in a small book of Greek to English translations. So Hegel that was nothing but a name to me, and I had meant to always go and look it up see whence it came, but I never had the time really. Life went on. But as a poet you know we pick up scraps here there and anywhere, and use them as epitaphs and citations . ... Oh yes, and it was then, in that summer of 72 I was reading and finding Artaud....For the work we're doing.. yes, well to add layers and puzzles of things to it, we cite from all sorta thing... You know? You know what I mean?
So hegel! well Kierkegaard didnt like him either! he said that Hegel was blocking the spirit of the indiviual person in faith! Not that I cared especially but it was funny reading Kierkegaard.I have a funny story which i can tell you another time how I stole his books once.

__ Yes, that would be good. It's good to hear these stories... yes, and the days you were a wandering a wandering one and two as the thousands then were. Ah, all of that is interesting and I half knew it, as we've known one another a long time.... But you were never a student back then? Did you become an actual registered philosophy student eventually?

Cd_ No non I was not.I was never a student in that sense.

Were you yourself then?

Cd_ I was always you, always, from before time began.

Where then does the real of fiction begin and end?
Can you suggest a perimeter a fence ?

Cd_ Suggestions are an interesting idea, or notion. Let's continue another time. This tires me it's so vivid and it's perhaps something that does not interest me much, I am a person of fiction and the work that revolves around as its said. I keep the language tarnished, as I wish to be cutting tracks, and giving up the obvious. We'll return la-de-da the whole thing's a machine.

____________________ Exist without a flourish the trick.

______________________ Tape falls to the reel ground . Of becoming.


In one final aside Mister D made refers to a recent long distance commentator's poetical transcendent theories of reading ethics and the Levinansian caper stating he appreciated these ideas but that his own practices and views were different.As a mere poet what I do compared to the ideas of responsibility and the face of the other is the future and all that jaz those ideas strike me as merely another way for certain states of mind and people to justify their furious evictions of others, and to disparage those who dont wish to communicate on the same termturf. Indeed the whole ethical calamity is the ruse behind forced resentment I mean historical guilt and judgmental blackmail. Artists of any serious girth have no time for that.I counter that notion I counter that whole notion with with God's favoured poet, Tristan Tzara: Every author writes out of a true necessity. Now necessity is not a moral judgment. You know, it's Its Necessity and contingency that create the possibility of the laws of chance creating poetry etc ...The writer writes from a place of pressing truth and death breating down his neck, and the powers of life equally. I personally am affable toward those who differing from me, set up, or constitute to use a fancier word, a differnet practice in their art. I call my own Pragmanticism. It's in the practice though that one finds the theory, not the other way around. later you might find out and usually do, that they came together, like the chicken and egg, and that is okay and good, and its a fun surprise.

For me, that's what the double detournment old Professor Challenger means, it's how
I use it, anyhow. It's something useful. And I am grateful for that.

The conference ended and Duffy vanished into an ongoing blogterrain creationbecoming.