we shall shall we?

GD Is it ?

... doubtful that the joys of capitalism are enough to liberate the people," Deleuze wrote ........Those who keep invoking the bloody failure of socialism don't seem to consider as a failure the present state of the global capitalist market, with the bloody inequalities it involves, the populations pushed off the market, etc.

It's been a long time since the American `revolution' has failed, even before the Soviet's did. The situations and revolutionary attempts are generated by capitalism itself and they are not going to disappear. ...

___________________Jill :
Capitalism itself is revolutionary because it keeps fomenting inequality and provoking unrest. It also keeps providing its own kind of "communism" both as a vaccine, preventing further escalation, and an incentive to go beyond its own limitations. The multitude responds to both and can go either way, absorbing the shocks or multiplying the fractures that will occur in unpredictable ways.

A specter haunts the world and it is the specter of capital ....

Sylvere Lotringer Foreword: We, the Multitude ~

but dancing _______________________ give ss you dozen of flight moves ~

there were many dancers. some walk.EdmeanderStroll. Did other trot? some boulezed other

waltz canoe waltz line of fuite? does fuite do 3/4 time? does the blocked out closed

shape invite Out as a hand Held outward palmate?

__ Index all the references to dance in Nietzsche and Prof. Deleuze. Then get yer Guattari out while it joyously cries. The wah wah screams the echo

change of the electric weave body.
_______________________________________________________________Okay Mister you gotta keep movin
thebeveled edge

"a complicity of tenderness"
Pedro Meyer
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