~ Living in the End Times in London, Summer 2010

Slavoj Žižek will be
headlining the London Literature Festival at the Southbank Centre on
July 5 to launch his new book Living
 in the End Times
 information and tickets.

He will also be taking part in Marxism 2010, along with Sheila
 Tony Benn
 Ghada Karmi

Watch his debate with Alex Callinicos at Marxism 2009: “We live in
apocalyptic times … It cannot go on indefinitely the way it goes now …
We should ruthlessly use power.”

The global economic crisis has highlighted the bankruptcy of a system
 that puts profits before the needs of ordinary people. Billions across
the planet face hunger, war, poverty, catastrophic climate change and

But billions are also asking whether a different world is possible,
talking about alternatives and fighting back. Marxism 2010 will bring
thousands of these people together from across the world to discuss,
debate and organise the fightback. Don’t miss it. Book
online here.

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 Timetable to be announced soon!