It is it is ... It   It is my first name.

No,  Yes I'm not taking a break from the fictions, 
Yes No, I'm not taking a break from the  AfLicfictions,
No, I'm not taking a break from the fictions,
(taking a flight in time
across the stationary voyage of the void) 

I've just not gotten around to writing any these days. I think I might not have anything to say!

Those sexy little bitches  ( I say this completely in a lovable way) have gone quiet! hahaha. You see all of my blogs are intertexted and wind in and out(like hands and fingers all over the place in and outof this and that hole and movingacross the various surface of emotion image and song, the body is many) of each other so that in a sense they are all fictions, but different halves. 

I realize that sounds odd as halves usually means one half of this and half of that.

the blogs are one__ fretting metamorphosis  ~

the blog work is one element __ machining revising doing undoing redoing. making again and re again. the again word is the camber road of create _ welcome here reader


yes Mona and Jill and Franny discovering new ways of folding,___of becomings-text __ newer employments,
akin to new envelopments […]
but what always matters is folding, unfolding, refolding.Ravelling rapelling composing

- The Folding over at Fictions 4
___________________________________________ burrowing furrowing ~ 


CD you see there's about 20 'active' blogs with a half dozen more waiting in the wings  ~
On top of which I have halted adding titles to this one: there are also times Ido cursor ticks & tricks and then there's the different browser types/the fonts/ so wherefore fictions?

when "I' write an 'I' verse in recall or somewheres else I m not sure I is I. In effect, I am virtually Mona, Franny, Jill and the half dozen or 20 personaefictations spread across the planes of the blogs.
thats one of the reasons I 'broke' off communicating with artists
who are writing under the
mistaken pretence that they are themselves when writing and doing art___ many of these artists are doing things in what are perceived as
or genre breaking modes..____, in my view,  they are not doing this 
Let me say this
another way:
having babies
is the same
no matter where you have them:in China, in the U.S.A. in France, Ireland,
London, Montreal,
(Chorus: He dont want babies! he dont wanta baba)
 dont wish to have babies

my arts  therefore are not  baby producing 
blessin to them
that wish to produce
I baby machines in the internet
or in their writing 
in paper.
'My' machines such as they is


in a a differe different scene
senses 'alltwogether'
  And saying even this much is a bit much for me and now I want to erase it as it seems to suggest
expository discursive

soyez un bricoleur
become a bricoleur