deleuze oedipus rimbaud
   December 2002__January 1728

________Rimbaudboyo sends his missive to the four tales of the wind. The winding tail that thrusts his keyboard forward.     

rimbaudboyo@burrow 42

To the gents:

You keep writing as if I don't love you, but you don't realize she loves you as we all do, none was there to meet you. I don't even know that guy in England; what is his so called name?
Don't worry everyone loves you but i am not a real I, my I was shattered years ago.furthermore i have no desire to reassemble it. i hate the Christmas and rest of it, they force me to play games i don t wish to play. i almost killed myself, but i got a hair cut instead because now I look like a concentration camp man.
but you made fun of me too so what did u expect.
you mocked me when i said lets speak. gentleness you say? oh then let it be gentle.
i love you,

Giambattista Vico

Another tender miss:

dear __________

the truth is out. i spoke to someone that knows Ye. You are not
schizo. I am sorry to inform you, but that is not your fate. You are alcoholic. this means yer ego is intact. Schizos don't have an ego. Or if they do it's of a different nature than your rough version of one. Until you are sober if and when you are sober, but mostly u are drunk. to keep the shattered ego 'together'. Otherwise read  Lowry and Logic of Sense/ The couple of the manic and the alcoholic.

A 3rd letter in hot pursuit follows : Rimbauboyo speaks triple deckered lover  letters.

But someone  met him a long time ago. her name is Ringo Rivale, but someone told me he was thrown out by Fanny Deleuze!! cause he was bothering Deleuze with some questions!

Arthur recalls sarcastic asides, remarks, and so called rebuttals.
'Is this troubling still you, so poor baby, alors do sum yummie muzix with yer lafter when you laugh a good
deal and you'll be relaxed when you write.' Arthur writes to herself and

____________Signed A. Rimbaud Giambattista Vico 1725
                        Jill and Mona get into the act.


What am I doing here with you? Speaking of words and your body rough as the wind. Kind winding of its tail tracking the spotted leopard of love. Almost god's? A monstrous wordgod to clobber the whole world. Shit as stuff to harbinger its latest bargain.

Your needy grammarian sister Isabelle.

___________ Besides you knew that I was love itself the box of. Not a true fabrication but the fire . Standing by the bed. And along the coast of Africa coming home back. The words rough hewn to the soaking heart desire.

Does a dead poet comprehend this? you speak of France as if I was there for you , when in fact. I am a dog of night. My love is in draft form.

I come again for you. My true love of the Korean bakery.

________________________Something is going on.