time is glue? Corry at the Shores of Ponty et L'eau deleuze .... glittering waters of ...

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 Corry is  a bridge maker leaping across the coarse folds of difference that bring into elegant parts of disjunction the work of Merleau and Deleuze

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'What does time's composition got to do with you? '    

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'We live in the present. But one thing that makes the present so rich is that our pasts continue to speak into the current moment'   _________________________

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FunKY Body MachinE

Parts of glue


to part

organic integration


begining of our lives

 part an' whole

 disjointed parts of funk

whole to part 

blend        harmony?


 subject and world

 &  Maurice Merleau






"Le regard obtient plus ou moins des choses selon la manière dont il les interroge, dont il glisse ou appuie sur elles. Apprendre à voir les couleurs, c'est acquérir un certain style de vision, un nouvel usage du corps propre, c'est enrichir et réorganiser le schéma corporel. (190b)"

 and  Mister 

"Deleuze presents to us a very different view on the body, and we will try to expand on it. "


"we find our body's parts not properly coordinated. So for a Deleuzean phenomenology, the organic integration within the body and between the body and world is not what is phenomenologically interesting. "

" The opposite concerns us. 

the opposite concerns us. 



                opposite c

oncerns us. 

We are intereste

d in moments 

 'drink to splash in our face.'
 'drinks to splash in our face '

of incoherence, "ments 

of incoherence, "ments 

of incoherence, "ments 

of incoherence, "


 this idea of  the break apart of things /  ,made me think of this 

enunciation  ,,  


                                   Deleuze    stressin'            


Neither  Felix  nor myself are very attached to the pursuit 
or even      coherence of what we write... if there 

   (between book)  (between A/O et M/Pl)

  are things that don’t work ...., it doesn’t matter... I mean that we are not among those authors who think of what they write as a 


 if we change, fine, so there’s no point in talking to us about the past. '
278 DI

and moving along the surface of the body      

Corry says   

"And yet, somehow our bodies hold together"

(and how beautifully too~!)

and asking us himself 

"Do things need to be organically related integrationally in order for there to be an overall functioning? 

Or perhaps is it the opposite case, that proper functioning requires disjunctive functions? "

 Mister Pirate wrote  (lookin a t   t he  C )

'The earth is pulling at the moon. But the moon is pulling itself away from the earth.

                                          Together they spin around.

It is on the basis of the incoherence of their forces that the two can maintain their differential relation.   '

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                                 several selves reader  

because life  is           juxtaposed 

                                       and the body's juxtaposed (posted )  parts

working in   

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