whathappens when you computer heats up so too much is you gotta work fast yea? right? yeahyeahyeah   ~. and then what? well I go to  ~ and then come back here afterlater when it's cooler and the tents are long. long tents? for what purpose what purepose of    ~It's my desire machine so if she heats up too much so too further towork? igotta you gotta take a repose at the off time in standing by as the sentries of    ~ the machine thing going going keep going   ~

--------------------------------------And your tip writer?
--------------------------------------Alas~ sighs me no tipwriter at this time   ~ .
--------------------------------------of place tospace  ~.


 "Under the skin the body is an over-heated
factory,/ and outside,/ the invalid shines,/ glows,/ from every burst pore." A/O 26.