Isn't philosophy....?


 Isn’t philosophy a thing much too fine, much too real to be left to the philosophers alone? Each one of us mocking philosophy as best he or she can.

Peter Sloterdijk

In Ecce Homo, we find very explicit traces of the epochal consciousness Nietzsche had of the distant effects he bore within him

. I’m thinking particularly of the famous pronunciamento: “One lives before me or after me,”  which sounds like the interior monologue of a Messiah busy with the reform of the calendar made necessary by his appearance.

 If one were looking for an example that proved megalomania and sobriety can coincide, this is surely it. For we must admit that it’s a matter of record for us: we do, indeed, live after Nietzsche.

 Let’s hold to the idea that this coincidence of the megalomaniac and the sober is philosophy itself.