'Holy Mother of God


Miller always comes galloping to one's salvation!


Holy Mother of God, what does this crap mean? The earth is parched and cracked. Men and women come together like broods of vultures over a stinking carcass, to mate and fly apart again. Vultures who drop from the clouds like heavy stones. Talons and beak, that’s what we are! 



A huge intestinal apparatus with a nose for dead meat. Forward! Forward without pity, without compassion, without love, without forgiveness. Ask no quarter and give none! More battleships, more poison gas, more high explosives! More gonococci! More streptococci! More bombing machines! More and more of it - until the whole fucking works is blown to smithereens, and the earth with it!” 


   Henry Miller's Tropic of Cancer


  He says it all doesn't he? Think  of the world goverments and their minions piling on the warships hourly

     and their crap ass spy gizmos, and the coprophiliac corporations...

       the disassters of war and the corruption of art ....


   and the legions of neurotics, the normoids, the crankers out of sentimentality and the upholders of 

   rich and beastly....