The despot


America is a special case. ...

The despot acts as a river, not a fountainhead, which is still a point

point, a tree-point or root; he flows
with the current rather than sitting

under a tree; Buddha's tree itself becomes a rhizome;

Mao's river and Louis's tree.

Has not America acted as an intermediary here as well?

For it
                                                  proceeds both by internal exterminations
                                                                                     and liquidations (not only the

                          Indians but also the farmers, etc.), and by successive waves of immigration

                                                                                                                    from the outside.

The flow of capital produces an immense channel, a
quantification of power with immediate
"quanta," where each person

                      profits from the passage of the money flow
                                                                   in his or her own way (hence the
                                    reality-myth of the poor man who strikes
                                                                                it rich and then falls into poverty again):

                                                          in America everything comes together, tree and channel, root and

                                                      rhizome. There is no universal capitalism,
                                                                     there is no capitalism in itself;
                       capitalism is at the crossroads of all kinds of formations,
                                                                              it is neocapitalism
                                                                                                           by nature.

It invents its eastern face and western face, and reshapes them
                                                                                         both—all for the worst.

Rhizome 19-20
     A thousand plateaus