Humanly Possible?


      ... are you dead? are you dead then? no it's me Deleuze that's dead speaking in the fictional personae of my habitation in the dead.. there's Milton flying there... and no capital is a proper name but we'll bend the rules of proper and/cropper....

     Mona hands her hand to the dead dying living behind born ahead of her dead time/dead end/ end begining her sweeping heart yanking/ then pulling him in  

The ghost of Guattari on the air-waves of every student / the voice of Deleuze in the afterworld as it 

hums the immanence of  god.. the second level of the  the seventh circle

i must say that I am no fan of how Eric Alliez talks but I dig his writing but as audio goes skip right ahead to  


   A little chat about and with the dead~

Stephan Nadaud's modest and poetic  inter-in-vention (see the link below)

________________________ Especially this

     talk of  Stephan Nadaud (l’hôpital de Ville-Évrard, Seine-Saint-Denis) – Is the Collective Assemblage of Enunciation Humanly Possible?