..... is .


 Deleuze was Hegel's returning difference. of course I speak after  (all) the wars have been fought, were fought and are over.

  as D     pointed out in Negotiations .. that

'philosophy  may have its great internal battles (between idealism and realism, and so on), but they're mock battles.

Not being a power, philosophy can't battle with the powers that be,

 but it fights a war without battles, a guerrilla campaign against them."


"It can't converse with them, it's got nothing to tell them, nothing to communicate,

and  can only negotiate."

Since the powers aren't just external things, but permeate each of us,

                              philosophy throws all of us into constant negotiations with, 

                         and a  guerrilla campaign against, ourselves  . '

One might say something similar happens in the mock battles or the ghost battles of poetry. The skirmishes, where Orpheus' head is torn off in one

                        poem moment

                                           yet in the next is replaced with a new one.

Perhaps the new one is a female head, maybe Sappho's or some other lesser known

poetess dancing her heart out.

 Aye Plato bore it in mind and Socrates took it to heart.

A little apocryphal tale.  for two.

for too.

for too to to say.

 Homer horrahaed! blew his horn 

across the millenia

breaking through the molecules

up popped t he resurrecting multiple Christs of the whole-part earth

the fuller body of the earth   chaos' lover and friend.


what doubles and giants swam then? doubles across and then over the multiple of time, its quantum leap before the vast matter of its bearing.

 A quantum has been created . And it creates . where none and many were before.