A desert island that was deserted and forgotten what it was about? a little shitty ..


It's a wonder to see the Z of creation
  having it out with the C of what? R for rights?

  ________________  To mock Der. and dismiss Lc is one thing

                                 doing so in  a playful matter

  the problem Mister C , has always been he argues from a postion of what he imagines is 'right' and thus
 universalizes his perspective

     in effect he's doing what he accuses the Empire builders of  A of doing!

  it's quite comical

    the differences between the two can already been seen in the discussion that took place
  decades ago between Fou and C    ~
      its two different epistemologies at work

                                                            __ Different and  and not the same

--- I f   I was going to a desert island w ith no choice of what to read
  I would surely take Z
           over  C