.. 'Walking through a Thousand ...Plateaus ..'


 CP you found these very lately, CD yes in the scaffoldings things get found  at all kinds of  time! some
times before &
some after! aftering an beforing  along the strata and building blocks of tomorrow i am you and you are me   ~

'A walk through a Thousand Plateaus' (2012) was made in homage to Peter Greenaway's film 'A walk
through H: the Reincarnation of an Ornithologist' (1978).

 The film is a collaborative work by Margaret Walker and Patch Sinclair, co-written by spoken word

poet Liv in(the)finite, with original score by Ashley Blackmore.

It first screened as part of Patch & Margie's exhibition 'or the skeleton of a windmill' @ Chrissie

Cotter Gallery (OCT 2012). It recently screened at 'Drop Block Party: Word Travels' @ The Rocks (DEC 2012).

Margaret Walker - http://stampingthewater.wordpress.com/

Liv in(the)finite - http://inthefinite.wordpress.com/

Ashley Blackmore - http://ashley.blackmo.re/