sincere sad _ sad and wrong zizek

-- My gosh this Zizek fellow just wont let go. will he. Deleuze and Lacan, Deleuze in another category all by himself seperated from Foucault and others. Zizek the great seperator the scission maker. the one who decides. ... read the interview with him..,. he's silly still raving on....... Then Zizek quoting Mao, the great murderer, molar maniac. Not even as good a Poet As Ho Chi Minh.
O and Mister Zizeky is wrong about his readings of 68. Guattari says in an interview he gave to someone that it was not Just May 68 that counted as an Event but what followed what hapPEn'd and that is the Important news, or Equally Important. The real
UmHeimlich Mister Zizek is nOt that May 68 is over but that
it continues.

So much that Mister Sarkosy had to attack it, in the same some of the kids from the Paris suburban riots attacked what they thought was the May 68 spirit. THey can be forgiven and understood and compassionately disagreed with, but one knows why they had no choice in their lives and m inds

where as Sarlozy did and so does Zizek.
Not that Zizek is like Sarkosy
but they ar eboth wrong
about Deleuze and about 68

they are wrong the same way Baudrillard is wrong and Badiou.

they dont get desire/

and they want to rip Guattari out of Deleuze and guess what!?

Its Impossible. It will never happen. I t cannot happen and Wont

Felix Guattari and Gilles Deleuze
are like two sides of the similar coin
like that other great double and third mind of the 20 th century
a certain Doctor Bob and Mister Bill Wilson.

Ya dig?

Benoît. Vous citez peu Gilles Deleuze, quelle place occupe sa pensée pour vous?
Dans l'espace anglosaxon, on a l'habitude de mettre tous les grands noms français Derrida, Deleuze, Foucault dans la catégorie de ce qu'on appelle le post-constructuralisme, ou bien déconstructionnisme. Mais je crois que c'est crucial de souligner que Deleuze est d'une toute autre catégorie. Dans ma lecture, Deleuze est beaucoup plus proche de Lacan. Je crois précisément que pour sortir du champ de ce qu'on appelle, post-modernisme, la référence à Deleuze est cruciale. Mao, a dit qu'«on doit distinguer entre le débat qui est à l'intérieur du peuple, et le débat, la bataille, avec les ennemis du peuple». Deleuze est de notre côté.