imperfection to imperfection. the artist works. from imperfection to imperfection to another imperfection. last week. they spoke on radio france culture about guy debord. i was too hasty perhaps on my brief comment about him. ive always puzzle that he and Gherasim Luca, killed themselves one year before Deleuze. 1994 fall. november 1995. harsh falls they were.
In 1994, he was expelled from his apartment, officially for hygiene reasons. Luca, who had spent forty years in France without papers, could not cope. On February 9, at the age of 80, he committed suicide by jumping into the Seine.)

nowhere in deleuze or guattari have i come over one reference to debord. i suspect? what nothing really. perhaps they knew his work and disagreed? but this is no t preciise or based on fact. however the society of the spectacle wa s maybe too limited a concept.

maybe they agreed with everythin g he wrote. maybe there were differences between
his views as a Situationist and theirs about Mai 68.

who knows.
but from i read of debord's idea of the spectacle. is perhaps. its too hard and fast. and the lack of desire in the analysis leaves it cold and hard.

not schizo enuff and not desirous enuff