Finger oF SPeaCh

Just cause its a Finger of Speech dont .mean its not a machine. and not a figure of rhetoric. or rhetoric ought to be re-inscribed as a functioning cog of the literary machine. It spits out figures _ but figures that are alive are figures/flow _ points/signs . Being figural does not make them any less machinic.

but that does not mean the cogs and wheels, of figures are not inscribed
in machines

there are machines. everybuddy nosthis. yer radio is a machine.

so ________________ All metaphors are literal.

'Judge Schreber feels something, produces
something, and is capable of explaining the process theoretically. Something is
produced: the effects of a machine, not mere metaphors.-'A/O9-

As in Jesse Watkins Account of a Journey __ as recounted by Laing__ Laing remarks apropos of Watkins travelling backwards in time __ the recessive moment __ on a psychotic trip __ and the feelings he describes as not being mere metaphors.

What is the meaning of this distinction between two regions: one
molecular and the other molar; Mona the microdot ~one micropsychic or micrological_Jill's marriage micrological, the other
statistical and gregarious? ----------- Franny is into statistical her sex is fried in sunshine... not a metaphor __Is this anything more than a metaphor lending the
unconscious a distinction grounded in physics, when we speak of an opposition|||||||||| but her intratomic ass is winging it hot! mass~Baby!||||||||||||||||||||||
between intra-atomic phenomena and the mass phenomena that operate through
statistical accumulation, obeying the laws of aggregates?
-------O my aggregates and congregates!
But in reality the unconscious belongs to the realm of physics; the body without organs and its intensities are not metaphors, but matter itself. "
Doctor Einstein is that you winking in thee backer of the classroomsystole system?

|_________________________ It taint A Finger of Speaching Mona ~
|A/O The Molecular Unconscious (Intro to schizoanalysis) _ So that means a schizoanalysti-poet is a physicist_ and a savant ___ . Sounds like rimbaud! in his big old bad letter to Izambard, his old teacher, pretty sure that was his name _ the poet's gotta be a savant, a scholar, a this athat, a criminal, all kind of things, yet he didnt mention physics! so now we are ~ and why not become a geologist a historian a gynecologist too ~
Shes's Devenir caught in her cookies

Oh its hot radio ~