is this?

"What is this crap according to which there are professional philosophers, profesional artists? Does not philosophy belong to everyone ?

Does not Art belong to everyone? What does living means then, simply living, when one is a man and one is a prey to language

They are we writing as rhizome. Right handing lefthanding ____It is a rhizome cowboya Ritten baya rhyming labyrinth a shining,


in thee darksome
--------------- Jil is darksome black and white. she's gone to her con-
not her

paths of collective democratizations...

the grass....

China___________________ which is next door to yer discourse ~

in medias res

In media rests

medial pause

other clause

It is composed of pllanes__ [this plane of love: a category forgotten by philos]...we watched lines leave one plateau and proceed to another like

column of tiny ants: are ants anything other than tiny?
are the thousand tinee sex?
tom thumb ~

We made circles of convergence_______________ Mona is vergin to her consistent flatteAU She has Water in Her LunElInesEach plateau can be read starting anywhere and can be relatedto any other plateau. To attain the multiple, one must have a method that effectively constructs
it; no typographical cleverness

Each Blogtoe every text, singular bodies of porous
pages. not Determine or pre-deterMine .
In other words not terminated
by any especial idea in advance of what a text
or an image

no lexical agility, ------------------------ NO? Says WHo Mister AppOlINaIRe?

O dear Doctor
Challenger was (no)blending or creation of words, no

syntactical boldness___________ we were bold as bread and brandy ~ _______________________________________

, can substitute for it. In fact, these are more often than not merely mimetic procedures used to disseminate or disperse a unity that is retained in a different dimension for an
image book.Tree LogicTree “All tree logic is a logic of tracing and reproduction.

_________________s Rhizomatic Versus ArbolicRhizomatic

ArbolicNon-linear LinearAnarchic HierarchicNomadic

SedentarySmooth StriatedDeterritorialized

TerritorializedMultiplicitous Unitary and binaryMinor science

Major scienceHeterogeneity Homogeneity
(yet the two sets of claw
as keys in a chain
asbeing becoming
as interfluted vowels
condensed monkeyS!)

perhaps I repeat
but what the hell

Repetition & Difference
Repetition with the zero difference at its heart.

Stop. chop. Stop chop.

___________________________ Mister Radio has a zoom lens to click in yer schizo ppardonzz an poles. Yer poleadots. Microdot ~

_______________________________________ find the safe then throw the combination out the window ~