So Mister and (Mrs Ligne de Fuite

Daddyio Deleuze was 'fraid of crazy folk. once at laBorder Clinique. he was there. meeting with Felix the Pierre with whom he was writing up a sotten storm called AntyOEdIpus, well some crazy person, some fou fou got off wandering the grounds,of that grand
old largesse space they had and well bust his arse Guattari didn't blink and went about

his business looking for the at loose 'lunatic' when Doctori Deleuze heard that well he went Pale as a Ghost White as A Sheet. No w imagine that this body without organs swifting round like. I first of dear doctor fiund Schzios the finest of the crazies, the kindliest canniest smartest and least likely to hurt harm and hinder anynoone.

Now old Pierre he wasnt fraid of no schizos
and no mister catanonic deleuze
was neither
but the line
of flight at such speed
looped his scare wheels
right around him

didnt they?
dint they

dint they?

aw right yer a blighter
he was bloody scared he
was sure enough
by the lord bloody jesus
of immanence christ sake himself!


and good old Laing
the grand Scottish

here and