richard the third and And

GLOUCESTER Stay, you that bear the corse, and set it down.
LADY ANNE What black magician conjures up this fiend,

Viewing Riccardo III di Carmelo Ben
seen the whole film previously and I am endlessly fascinated by it.


________________________ I had seen Bene's work. And seeing once one sees, at least "I" do, as the split schizo narrator "I" am , "I" see it many time. As amagic box. and performer myself.

--------------------------- See RicArdO the 3rd MadMan Roarring from the Void of AbSolute ~
O how he cripples the partridge of power~ into what?
as deleuze and guattari taught : richard 111 is about betrayal _ betrayal in the most profound sense, as destroying the kingly line itself ___.
They do________________ And there's a kind of Crucifixion involved.
ricardo is the mad king the way a later george shall be. no doubt he is bad a bad ass . yet his line of crushing out and flight is about destroying the lineage which makes his badness possible, likely and even existent.

'Richard III, the deformed, the twisted, whose ideal is to betray

everything: he confronts Lady Anne in a face-off
("in the face-off and pot-luck of reality")
in which the two countenances

turn away, but each knows she or he is the other's, destined for the
other. '

These two cannot bear their own
treachery _ they are two_One
two to One. They
are crooked to a T ~ .

------------------------ My Double __ the other turned away as I do ___

'This is unlike Shakespeare's other historical dramas, in which kings

and assassins deceive in order to take power but then become good kings.

(the henry plays where Falstaff and his gang of lovable
people of London are dumped ... by boring state Hal on his way off
to murder &maim in France ....
(Prince Hal is a moron jerk, as predictable
as a share-cropper compared to splenetic
galled Richard 3rd)

( O but he is nice~
Nice? What the hell does nice
have to do with IT?)

'That kind are men of the State. Richard III comes from elsewhere: his ventures,
including those with women, derive more from a war machine than
from a State apparatus. He is the traitor, springing from the great nomads ....'

( Carlos Fuentes Terra Nostra
Describes this madness
in the King and Queen of Spain
at the time
Christopher Columbus'
journeys to America )

'and their secrecy. He says so from the beginning, when he mentions a secret
project infinitely surpassing the conquest of power. He wants to return the
war machine both to the fragile State and pacified couples.'

the fragile? State? fragile as its definition
is contingent on
the idea of the
'good' king
s resumption his return to power
not the divesting of power
in the rage of

desire-lines .....

-------------------> The couple as war machine dyad ~

____________Richard is a Macbeth ___ with none of the latter's remorse.

'The only one to

guess is Lady Anne, fascinated, terrified, consenting.

Elizabethan theater (Elizabethan Theatre is the MadHouse___ Bedlam __PlayHouse everyone is Crazy or Crazed or About to Be Crazed
Makes a rock concert so called look tame, or another type of controlled

'is full of these traitorous characters who aspire to be absolute traitors, in
opposition to the deceptions of the man of the court or even of the State.
How many betrayals accompanied the great discoveries of Christendom,
the discovery of new lands and continents!'

(To write is to betray__ Genet __ )

'Lines of
deterrito-rialization on which small groups betray everything, their
companions, the king, the indigenous peoples, the neighboring explorer, in
the mad hope of founding, with a woman of their family, a race that
would finally be pure and represent a new beginning.'

The new beginings are always _____ raved off into the line of despair and flight.. and hope, hope flags in these lands of danger.

'Herzog's film,
Aguirre, is very Shakespearean. Aguirre asks, How can one be a traitor
everywhere and in everything? I'm the only traitor here. No more
deception, it's time for betrayal. What a grandiose dream! I will be the last
traitor, the total traitor, and therefore the last man."

The traitor the coward, the informant....

Aguirre is desolately crazy ... One sees it in the movie so .. clear.
Clear as the bell of light. Knockin on the hull
of the boat
and the body
of his dead daughter.
_______________________utter punitive despair____

quotes ATp 125-6

_________________ Easy to speak of betrayal Not easy to Write it or Live it.

_________________________ And So where can One go on this absolute mad line that crushes and surpasses the others?

For the war man there is no go to where except death ___ and for the writer?

So Richard 3rd would be a kind of the enemy of Spinoza? | The Schizophrenic SpliCe| How does one hold the splits?

Sartre says (Saint Genet), that Genet's effort to hold the splits in his life together is what makes him mad___ but also what finally, makes him the writer he became. A writer crucified between two domains. The two realms of doing and having __
defining onself by what one does, and secondarily by what one has ....That of having and doing. So the split between the lines of flight is cause for a series of crucifixion, and this then is another cause of suffering Our suffering between the bully, and timid. THis is
Because the molarity of the bully one might
and the timidity of the molecular
creates the space
of the schizophrenic division between

Richard the third exemplifies this bifurcation ____________
what will (later) become

Artaud's writing


the split split
the double in one split
the one spit two

And the enemy of dogs, cats and boudoirs