never thew: an incident on the body withourt organs!

______________________ An incident on the body without derrida!

Deleuze never threw himself out of the window:A haunting hand tells us this tale: It was JAckydereaderarrida never wrote an essay eulogy never. He refused to amble alone ! it was the dereader derrida __ its Dereader Deleuzion. Luzion derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrive? agains t matter as such. the text is the impermeable ever 'vading evasive one.and two it unwinding to none_presence thus. none.
Deleuze to Derrida: Work more on your ....

Derrida: I wish I wish

Deleuze: Wishing time is past, we're both dead doornails . the cloud of immanence and the air-plane of inconsistency is where you reside.

Deleuze: While I was alive not once did you write of me, and the work I did singularly and never when I w orked with Felix. Your eulogy is the typical dodging and evading, eh?
Mister Dereader you read yourself out. You are comme Zizek in Love
with Lacan le L.

I loved othhers__ many .

Yes yes, ouiouiaoh __ yet your attack on Foucault another unnecessary blunder. Always the blunders of the pretty boy. As iflanguage was the only semiotic. a display of intellectual cowardice on your part?

______________________________ You know dear Gilles I could never be humble to your work whilst you were alive. I had to mamammaintaina stance of silence keeping the detachment . I never agreed about the body without organs
((((((((((((((((((((((((((Derrida on the c.s.o. sans organes d'écritures)
I say your greatest work was the work you did alone.

__________________ Deleuze weeping! tears of relief! thank god and spinoza!
derrière derrida never stopped travelling. deleuze never stopped still

___________________yet the truth is. some loved Lacan I was one of them. Moi et Zizek on aime Lecan . On aime lecanlecan on danse le can On danse lecanca! . I was not intrested in matter! in physics before ... I was yet not enough drive .n. And the others had to be thought out!

__________________Mona gathers her heaping garments to cover the old bode without its irradiating organs. She happens across the passional and prophetic thing wondering what the despot sees in her mirror. This is her song: Life or Life! Life or Life without clothes, with clothes.

Derrida: and this duffy whose D is like our own close to the deal. The deconstructing deterritorialIZING . wHO IS this 'malin monsieur?' this son[g] of genet homosexualbastardingdoublendedlesbic becoming------------__________________________________________________>

Mona is shouting you're going too far! you're crazy! it's too much! it's not true The readerwas a fine friend of papagenetdaddy bastard! you bastard!
leave him alone!
Vicious and meanhearted______She stalks around the fridge dying for a cup of tea! and she bothers the maid to pour her more before the next round runs out.