plateau 16

'ut hat 'f the characters in it? they are in the
other ones, the blogs of-fiction some other
place I could put 'myself' 'my self-rempli'is it the plague
sniffing over there? the hurricane,a bastinado for your death.
basta-basta sirrah there's hurriancoes'

(U cee the mental police of blogz wanz two control spaces. that am alreadee r. what they cannt be. if you drop vowel. then itz movd ovr.)

'snow blowing wind whistle siren masts crackling
in the city walls the whoring lanes are plenty'

Cw___at adage of 22 you said you was in Paris? Over there right, I need to be certain of this snippet.
CD____ I never said I was anyone.

Fluctional beeiographematic.
CD_ Eyedid .