years to write

________________CP___Okay you said in this other tape it took a year. Now whence this contradictionary?

Cp_ yer lie of course! there s no way in the earth of the complete immanence does it take what yer saying it does to write these insane
fictiions as you term them!

'A year? You are pulling my leg aren't you?

O no I am very serious. Gravely so. It takes months and months of pondering, peering and comparing, then I take them apart one letter at a time. I take all the vowels,for instance and add them all up to see how many there are: when I've done that, then i randomize it,and then subtract some, and multiply others.
_________________________________CommaComma you love commas . Commas that are calm as lakes.________________________________


Then I did not go to bed and i thought of she in Paris . As I think of her nightly daily weekly that I love.

___________she stands there.
always. at the corner. and I hear her voice. and the voice of summer . this she who is the sense of subtlety in my life. a harbinger |my other self to its delicate poise. and restless sprite. a joy to speak as we encounter one another .

Cudffy___So dear CP she is and I are she. We are there. Moved between 'entre' the fictions and reality.
She is my schizo heart and I hers ~.

Cp so that's your story.
CDuffy yes it is.

______(tape stops )_____________