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in this fictional commentary Mona, who lost her mind ages ago, to say nothing about her ass and thighs fights a rear-guard action has no time for thought or relaps,e, replaces cephaleous with contrary daughter going both back way

becoming small, this text of yers... so interesting.... the way you link Alice and Artaud and the becomings small, the molecule and the body-without-organs. THe body without organs let me explain to some of our readers was a space of experience of death that Antonin Artaud the French poet wrote about .Since then its been transformed into a full fledged concept by the philosophers Deleuze and Guattari.

________Alice-Artaud became so small that he disappeared and was just a BWOa little molecule in an expanding space of the body as one shrinks andit becomes outer spacelike the wizard of oz -- I am not sure of this Wizard of Oz connection. but the ALice one is accurate. But this is only a comment en passant.one's skin becomes loose as one becomes smallerwhat the hell am i doing in here?can I reach the moon that is my brain?can i reach the sun that is now my ass?--- This last line puts me in mind of what Schreber as quoted by D&G. what the hell are all these fluidsand turning back to the Greeksone finds the elementsand nothing besidesa certain heightened awarenessyes, drunk on fluidityall we are doing is swimming in an ocean of plasmacan we sink?-- Embyronic adventures of the memory of the body decades afterward?

Interesting stuff...
and here in this group there is No Judgement of God, but only work.|Did she find the SignIFier 

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Out of memory loss she has come a shrewd doctor of
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