Deleuze a Big sur altere'd somewhat

Deleuze was at Big Sur once. he travelled to the US of A once. he had many passages of Kerouac and Henry Miller memorized by heart ~ This photo was taken by Jean Jacques Lebel _-I've altered it somewhat. __ In the Dosse doubled bio he remarks that Deleuze knew many passages from the work of Kerouac and Miller by heart . One of the funniest things to my mind is the english translation of Dialogues. In it The Subterraneans a small novel of Kerouacs is mistranslated back into English as The Underground Ones! it's a cute oversight on the part of the editor of that translation who did not think to use the proper english title . So translation then: and so its beauty . I love this quote of Deleuze's . and it reminds me of how Frank O'Hara always tried to put things positively. Not always an easy task!
But possible. ---------------------------------
deleuzebigsur altered

---------------------------------- Speaking oF Henry Miller I recently stumbled across this 'death bed 'interview .&; Remarkable as always! He accuses the creator of 'this' world! as well he ought to have!. Wonderful! Isn't he just wonderful?
Yes yes Always Say Yes.

I cant say the word dying
I'm alive to the end ~ . I must say
I have enjoyed it thoroughly

It was wonderful

I had the love of people
their love
not their admiration
their deep love....

I 'm alive to the end....