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------------------ Challenger: Dans son avion: The Airplane of Consistency _ CSO AirLines.


He used the term matter for the plane of consistency or Body without
Organs, in other words, the unformed, unorganized, nonstratified, or
destratified body and all its flows: subatomic and submolecular particles,
pure intensities, prevital and prephysical free singularities.

He used the
term content for formed matters, which would now have to be considered
from two points of view: substance, insofar as these matters are "chosen,"
and form, insofar as they are chosen in a certain order {substance and form
of content).

He used the term expression for functional structures, which
would also have to be considered from two points of view: the organization
of their own specific form, and substances insofar as they form compounds
(form and content of expression).

A stratum always has a dimension of the
expressible or of expression serving as the basis for a relative invariance;
for example, nucleic sequences are inseparable from a relatively invariant
expression by means of which they determine the compounds, organs, and
functions of the organism. To express is always to sing the glory of God.


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Regenerations, reproductions, returns, hydras, and medusas do not
get us any further....

Furthermore, the difference between the two kinds of memory is not
that of two temporal modes of apprehending the same thing; they do not
grasp the same thing, memory, or idea. The splendor of the short-term
Idea: one writes using short-term memory, and thus short-term ideas, even
if one reads or rereads using long-term memory of long-term concepts.
Short-term memory includes forgetting as a process; it merges not with the
instant but instead with the nervous, temporal, and collective rhizome.
Long-term memory (family, race, society, or civilization) traces and translates,
but what it translates continues to act in it, from a distance, offbeat,
in an "untimely" way, not instantaneously.
The tree and root inspire a sad image of thought that is forever imitating
the multiple on the basis of a centered or segmented higher unity.