Here's a Dilly Deleuze MaCROon_-OPS MaCRon s[h]ite


"On a recent day, Olivier Cartier, a French salesman, ordered a pistachio macaron and a cappuccino at a Parisian McDonald's. "It's the trend," he says, explaining that he's tried macarons from mainstream supermarkets and bakeries and that McDonald's version compares well.
High-end macarons leave him cold. "I'm not sure if there's a big difference," he says. "And then some of their flavors like foie gras are bizarre."
McDonald's says its macarons are selling well. 

At roughly $1.25 each, they are about half the price of the comparably sized upscale version and are aimed at a different audience, McDonald's says. "Our McCafé offer is made for everyday small breaks," says McDonald's                 France spokeswoman Caroline Deleuze. "


(Deleuzians of Macarons!)

_________etcetera >>>gobshite

 "There's macaron, and then there's macaron."

In Sofia Coppola's 2006 film "Marie Antoinette," the young queen offered macarons to the Austrian ambassador.
 ___________Always a Queen offering
in place
of real food for actual bodies


_______________________My Macron is not your Macron . 

Patisserie of Pierre Hermé

'Paris' most famous Pâtissier - the macrons are the most celebrated offering but the whole selection and ....----------------------------------------------->