In this missve to episode seen

Jill to Mona: Vincennes 1977____________________
Between the wheel. Between the buttocks. Burned to b ~ off B key. Chaise longue. is that toleration something between the poisoned pages?

A missive speaking. the eave. evasive turn of thought. caught round its antler. its atelier

A clever call, a clandestine encounter, a buried moment from sometime. A year in radio over seas, Mona marries a french sailor and the darning mystery of encounter ~ .... was then this is now. How does one read? Wherefore the difference between Ishmael and Issac? _______ Ring bells.

________________Inside the box of text another head. Gripping the edge. Comes around finding the hypocondriaa maze. A anastormy o f schizo linguals.

Setting somewhere A near cafe,a close by bar. A wretched indigo spot. A palace. Two speaking. One speaking, One speaking, the other ~ wretched hangdog look. Appearance soluble as a fish between b.w.o.s of gif fish.A nd the ripping annihilation of alliteration.

|||||||||||||||||||||||| Pulls more poetry from each soaked wet rag cloth||||
|||||||||||||||A head filled with poetry ||||||||||||||||||||||||||

in her lane lame brain her stalwart
parchment face and radical veins
veins of troops flutes of blood
seeping up the top of her damn
her well forth mouth outpushed
cushion of her sigh
she huggered him down
wrapped him the grown Antioedipus