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Toronto is burning! Or is it?

| June 27, 2010
For people sitting at home and watching TV news last night, Toronto was burning. The same police car on Queen St W. burned and blew up over and over again. The same image of a young man very violently smashing Starbucks windows appeared over and over again. Windows smashed all along Yonge St. None of us had ever seen Toronto like this. It was shocking.
Lucas Oleniuk, Toronto Star

Most of the 400 protesters arrested last night and others who may have avoided arrest didn't see that violence. From their perspective, they were facing a violent police state. These demonstrations, militant but overwhelming peaceful, were resisting the right of the police to hold them to Queen Street. They think the people have a right to protest in a place where political leaders can hear them. They had nothing to do with torching police cars or trashing windows.

TVO host Steve Paiken was down at the Novotel last night with peaceful protesters.  He tweeted his experiences, "Shame on those that ordered peaceful protesters attacked and arrested. that is not consistent with democracy in toronto, G20 or no G20."

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Fourteen hours after the People First March started, police are still making arrests. The following are the tweets gathered by rabble.ca from our journalists, other journalists there, along with activists and other observers.
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Note: the Tweets run backwards from 2:12 am EST.

"10-4, they are going to be arrested" heard over video, as riot cops renege on agreement to let jail solidarity protesters go. #g20 12 minutes ago via web
riot police are refusing to let jail solidarity activists leave - after giving them permission to go

. Watch live: http://bit.ly/aNKBt0 13 minutes ago via web
Watch now: @TOmediacoop is broadcasting, from iPhone, live on Ustream - from jail solidarity http://ustre.am/jCUT #G20 28 minutes ago via web

over 100 riot cops,on horses are boxing all exits/entrances to jail solidarity action, they can't keep us OUT!still going strong #g20report 33 minutes ago via webRetweeted by rabbleca and 4 others
Thanks tweeps. A producer from TVO got in touch, will make the connection. 32 minutes ago via web

The People First March and the Toronto riot in 600 Tweets | rabble.ca