SO YOU change the bite))_____________________(comings

_______________What are bite comings?____________

We know nothing about a body until we know what it can do, in other words, what its

affects are, how they can or cannot enter into composition with other affects, with the affects of another body.

|ATP5: 257|

________________Cling to one /Climb other Fateau  ~

Bodies that fall prey to transcendence are reduced to what seems to persist across their alterations. ________________________________>

Their very corporeality is stripped from them, 

in favor of a supposed substrate–soul, 

subjectivity, personality, identity–which in fact is no foundation at all, but an end effect, 

the infolding of a forcibly regularized outside

Braian ___________Massumi, wroted dem words in a bookthing that was outs en  1992: ons pages 112

You will be a boy or a girl; a smoker or
a non-smoker; a civilized human being (with all bodily parts fulfilling civilized
‘human’ functions)’ or an animal. Your choice. You will subscribe to modern

selfhood ------------------------------ or  be rejected:
You will be organized, you will be an organism, you will articulate
your body–otherwise you’re just depraved. You be signifier and

signified, interpreter and interpreted–otherwise you’re just a deviant.

You will be a subject, nailed down as one, a subject of the enunciation
recoiled into a subject of the statement–otherwise you’re just a tramp.

ATP: 159)


It must reduce
its own fluid complexities (I am male and sometimes feel like female, am told by men I I need to get laid, I have been a phone whore (who pays~) and
am mostly hetero but sometimes gay but only on Tuesdays and I occasionally
but only

when the moon is full . . .) to discrete categories (androgynous,
_________________________________. Languages, institutions and systems of thought all demand it,
and bodies rarely fail to accede. A body that smokes once becomes a smoker .

______________O mY Fanny   ~

It will likely be many at once. And although restratification

usually occurs according to preexisting categories (masochist,alcoholic,
 etc ), it can also–at least in liberal democracies (and

even then only very occasionally)–allow bodies to create their own entirely
new (but most often abjected) categories (Bbbababababbab Massumi ___; 1992)
_______Alterations   ~

YOU are?  O no. tha'toolimited. Be a trisexualbuiltforfour.
. I am a trisexual.  NOtE even: one is  dozen to the nth power?

I am a coffee-eater; a full-moon projector. A smoker; An


The moment of taking a cigarette allows one to open a parenthesis in the

time of ordinary experience, a space and a time of heightened attention . . .

evoked through the ritual of fire, smoke, cinder connecting to hand, lungs,

breath, and mouth. It procures a little rush of infinity that alters perspectives,


however slightly, and permits, albeit briefly, an ecstatic standing outside of

oneself. Richard Klein, 1993: 16

Of course a lie is away of the real into the true virtual

young people know this

it breaks strata

opening sluice and epi

escaping lines thats how come come dogmats

dont get create



every schizo knows a rose's an unfolding petal ~ not a prising capital gain ` ~________________________________________---