that a way


 we could speak of the sons of Deleuze
  in the way we speak of the sons of poets as in the sons of Jonson                    the sons of Ben
                                             the tribe of Jonson 

  the poet Ben Jonson  Shakespeare's confrere

and the brothers of Guattari _ 
    and because of the youthful energy of Felix we could speak of                    brothers flying  electrical                                                      horizontal lightening ~ because of his  beauty          his love    his action
                                              his fiery eyes 
                                         and his quickly ever moving

and if they could not understand this we 'd know they are

                     stupid and struck dumb and deaf in the old biblical sense....

they are dumb not to know love. ...

and this would be love the fire fusing and fortuning the two

showing us an example of how to work

to create

_____________ these are mysteries and secrets ~