A fantasy: Jesus' at school . Day time.He's reading Plato, Socrates, the gang, Aristotle, some of the presocrats. He's a do kind of fella and he's hot to trot. Never seen a                              woman's  arse barer than the sun, and he's immanent as any she god and any desert(ed)  god. 

Ready to walk out on her simba People. Gogdone Dogon. halfish she's a clam. Jesus gets beside her self.Shes wanted in twenty dorans for the impersifictations off Rod the Boolah bog. Shes got arse backwards to her licking straw .

Remember Magdalene washed his feet with her hair

If          'refudiate's' her word, she's conservative to the loving T and lion(esss one supposes as poet to poetess? ) (an antique [word]no doubt of it)  to it. She's run off with a half dozen. Not more. Nor less. She's love's  better better.

Does fiction add to reality? Fiction as  a quantum that adds to the weight of the real.
As the world
is unreal 
Fiction  ----------------------unlike what
Plato ---------------------------assumed is not a 
-----------a refraction of a earlier one

but a heightening
-----------of the Real.------------------------