to cast spell? casting spell witch's  capture hypnosis ? Anyhow? Ever


that? A spell to cast a language on a being

on a becoming ~  a separate spell stratifying the experience of the                    molecules. Dream? 

come dream head mate. Of spel. there is no honeme nor phoneme to reckon the fine element of . its dastardly start. part. she was.

__________________Vincennes 1986. Order words/ directive performative. flash back: 1978: He's speaking of the machine as it wobbles along over the side of the Strata. Facing.

Reminds you of Jules Verne. It is~! Jules Verne. G--l whispers in my ear. And over we go. London. She want to go to meditate. That dont knot innetresteing to moiso-- bACK in Canada MOntreal strikes and striking adn strikes. want to rush 'back' to 'time' machine witness eventa thousand time over. the restless folding of its nongracious disjunction. However. Other thing come first. She get. I go .
It goeth.