quotes and ...crackers

________________All pure I fictives. every I in this poem is a deterritorialization in becoming   ~ 

' callips and snap '

A thous_ and tiny sexes _ my queer lover ~ . we're cut into boxes, blues, bullies, territoriies. what face is this you hold, held to my visage in your hand, in your sex. what double joined one is     ?

the machines

Movies, shit, poetry

the machiNes

the machines of yer face
of your ass
yer bod y cut across yer wild's face
this is your nasturbation|

it's the anaoedipal break &; cut cupage which makes the difference


she's smoking god

One morning the AntiChrist met Antioedipus they did a dance of plateau and plateau Do [not] join us at


shes smoking like love's chimney ~ .

the raven

The beginning of the Raven, loosely based on Edgar Allan Poe. Peter Lorre as the raven 

braque was picasso's rival and friend


my first schizophrenic girlfriend was i was 18 she was 19  ~
i have no more patience for that. today  onthe bus & the pharmacy    ~ and 
on the street  ~ the 'mental' person case woman asking EVERY SINGLE PERSON
for two dollars

 then blowing her cough right across the aisle 
 of the same bus


in the pharmacy behind me I told cover your mouth
(she seemed to pursue me like a mad fury but really she was no fury
but a dumpy rundown 'nut' of some origin   ~
and go to Project Pal they can help you

(she asked me will you pay for my .... )

 she smiled sortof the half kempt look ofthe medicated mad 
lopsided  smile.. ... asked Will they pay for my cough medicine

I said they can help you go

I walked away   ~

I was sick of her sick of it sick of it all I am sick migraines...  head clamp... brain eyes sore... no reading... no

I wend down thes treet I see a drunken man I know him I go speak to him

he's wearing a baseball cap it says D &p; G 
on it
I take a photo he asked  for a smoke
I gave him one two 

I said let me take a picture of your hat
he said take it take the hat
I said No

I want a  picture I took it he said Okay
I took it

I thought that was precipitous

I thought it was

I went to give my talk

It went well
I am tired
headache clamp

I went for coffeewith Robert
We talked and he talked he did
he said I am hungry
we both ate BLT's

we talkedof old new and new new and now
and  we stayed till nearly 11    ~

He told me about his daughters his wife
his ....

we walked to the subway together
I embraced him around the arm

parted ways each 


_____________________ that was/ is my report Professor Deleuze . that s my day and night and I have come to the god of immanence I have seen the flight. re-reading Paradise Lost bOok 6 I was convinced again how wrong the god was . the monotheistic claimer versus the flight angels the bad guysthe good guys

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