canons and decanons ....'St. André's heart brings Montrealers ....'

  The barbarian ritual of turning a man into a Saint! O how thrilling to reverse it. We decanonize Deleuze, Plato and other gods, deities of the true atheism of immanence the Eden of this earth and world. O the catholics and bishops and their canons, and fascism, quailing an waitin' in the wings, the Grand Inquisitors with their mystery, bread circuses and authority. O give me the gods of India and their thousand panthered legs, and sexual beasts and great dreams of desire Kali and sutra and Saint Bodhisattva and Saint Guattari and Saint Anonymous of the 42 hundred steps of desire . The Witches of Saint Mona Miller and  the Witches of Eastwick and  Saint worker unknown and unpensioned and unstated and the mad molecule of the free worker in the infinite street of the work of the work world and its labour love unending and the breath taken given and received in love's forever bearing fruit of its labour the true red communist road to the future of tomorrow and its fair shining knights crusty one   ~ O the dream mappers ~ O Saint Leopold Bloom and Saint Molly Bloom and O saint tailor and stitcher and forgotten  worker and poem and memory of the poem and the poem written and said and done and O framer of the project and teacher of the hotel clerks and worker of the bawdy and strange penetrating lusts of immanence and its fair share of the work load and the ever increasing vocabulary of the diction of love and O saint submissive and polyamorous free lovers   

Turn away O saints from these dead ones Turn away from the dead ones the dead the dead 
Turn away


from this 

_____We belong here and elsewhere____________________________________________
CP : And you?
CD : Me, I prefer Happy Birthday Wanda June  ~ to watching the strata masses strike while eating a dead man's heart  ~ catholicism  is another ism and another sickness and its immersed in what i call 'supernatural' cannibalism. its gross | I prefer Pierre Klossowski and The Revocation of the Edict of Nantes. After JEus is no longer centered. He lost his definition as signifier. But to these thousand s  ,, nay millions he's mediated by this 'little guy' 'brother' andre and catholicks are a weird fauna. but are they?O these junipers these souls of the thousands with the ir community of the living and dead  ~  O LamA! O DalI LamA!~ you too have seen these souls fluttering in the thousands B ut the mad crazy bishops? their triangle power prates are  old hat! Old compression! Old confession of dead! death with their
'venial' 'sins' and their 'cardinal' virtues and their 'mortal' sins O confession of the  crushing crypts of history    ~  O i prefer the Kissing Woman in India that pilgrims inthe thousands go see to be Kissed and Hugged! by her her love so great for her immanence and other she kisshugs them back into levity and life! O grace of earth saints and the sweet succor   ~ the kiss of the breast and lip the suck of the kiss   ~

O give me the marches of the saints on earth   ~ O sanity! O Hope the witches of westwick and the  dues of becoming   ~ 
   _______________________O odes of lOve
 _________________________________And Bodies of Love
O ________________this way and that   ~ & gendered liberties   ~

and the goddess came riding to save her son on the earth   ~



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