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[[Category:French]] [[Category:Philosophers]] O my ~ DoctahDeleuze was Winded by this subhuman reading of his penpal Felix the cat Guattari! his lastlong
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Her gorgon organs grew daily bIgger eAch
SuperEgo Passing
sewer et metro
aztec et ptolent
the MuLTIpOle of her HearSe
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tentative admissions
to a remissive
state of parrrtcontrol
the awkward shame of Ireland
Scotus Egina
the subtle Doctor
--------------------Jill came homE to her nutcASe friend.
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YOu are the Prophecy!
I am the Prophet!
knot th e Loss
And the but the cost!the cost!~

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in the street of her murmur  mummy

___________She shall overcome . She was the dissenter of fate and yule. Lady Karen Oc. came to her door. Poor vestrige of her perfidious pelf? O shun the bog far hence to women her nails. Something of these. And the rip of the solo part. Down the long harry of your nail curve

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