Yuletide ~

 Friends and  Readers __ Season's Greetings __ Much good will, blessings and safe travelling no matter where you are going, even if it's to the corner! A lot can happen on a walk, or  a stroll. So be well and as serene as possible. Each day's passing moment bring us closer to eternity. That eternity, which I believe is already here.  

          My teacher __ __ "Il a été mon maître" ___and perhaps your teacher   too  French philosopher  Gilles Deleuze describes this eternity as immanence and wrote in his books many times over about the importance of this world, and of living in this world. William Blake, the English poet, spoke of infinity in a blade of grass and eternity in a grain of sand. In this world, this one , here and now, which is all the others whence they begin and end and begin again all over  ~  .

I am includin'  this traditional Irish song. Christmas in Ireland is celebrated from the Eve until the day of the epiphany on January 6th. What we used to call 'Little Christmas. ' Enjoy

The Kerry Christmas Carol

Brush the floor and clean the hearth
And set the fire to keep,

For they might visit us tonight

When all the world's asleep.

Don't' blow the tall white candle out
But leave it burning bright
So that they'll know they‘re welcome here
This Holy Christmas night.

Leave out the bread and meat for them'
And sweet milk for the child,
And they will bless the fire, that baked
And, too, the hands that toiled.

For Joseph will be travel-tired,
And Mary pale and wan,
And they can sleep a little while
Before they journey on   ~.


 And from the Bard himself

Some says, that ever 'gainst that Season comes;
Wherein our Saviours Birth is celebrated,
The Bird of Dawning singeth all night long:
And then (they say) no Spirit can walk abroud,
The nights are wholesome, then no Planets strike,
No Fairy takes, nor Witch hath power to Charme:
So hallow'd, and so gracious is the time.

From Hamlet, Act. i scene i.


The truths of poetry are not necessarily
those of hard  'fact.'

IN Shakespeare's Hamlet 
 scene five

 the grieving & grief ripped prince ,Hamlet,
 who's seen the
ghost of his papa

 reminds his dear friend Horatio,

'There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy'

 The two H's
speak across the two poles
of their 
mutually share d

 H for Hamlet is the less pragmatic
 H for Horatio is the  pragmatic 


It is their
that into the two that's one
that democratizes 
them  both
for us non princes   ~

Us citizens of the multitude   ~
 who become by dint of it
Princes of the earth  holiness  ~


  the immanence of the earth
is its own salving

the magnificence of its continual

'There is another world
and it is right here
Paul Eluard

Hush so the breath of the world