Part whole dada___

Might be easier to track down Hans Richter's Dada Art and Anti Art____  for the painter's view on the dada  _______________________________________ an d it quotes in full Arp's Alas our good old Kaspar is dead.... one ofthe first dada poems I ever read
ideas and see Balance  Sheet Program for Desiring Machines __

__________ and Guattari et Deleuze 's essay/chapter Balance Sheet Program for Desiring Machines_____________________
____ It is available in Chaosophy  __ Felix Guattari Semiotexte  __ or in the second edition of AntiOedipus _ French edition   __ its printed as a n appendixhttp://www.leseditionsdeminuit.com/f/index.php?sp=liv&livre_id=2013

Soon we'll discuss Dada and the machines ______________Part and whole Parts of wholes__________Pat

of hole.... not black hole

but wholesome whole as in nontotality and parts dont fit. That's dada. That's desire. . Why its cause its
break coupure. But wait duffy what's what here? More soon Anon when this good book this good blog.

____________________________ We're in a rush /its winter cold. But I recomend the Parts and WHoles Section of A/O.  And the AntiLogos Chapiter in the Proust book...(the whole and its parts sextion 6  of AnTiOEdipus)

 And one can see in Tzara's 1918 Manifesto already the launch of dialectics and its totalizing drives. This was what disgusted Tzara the great ennui he vents against it _________________________________

______________________what were the machines dada was against ? it was against
the closure
the ism
the school

___ preventing  the flow

and the machine ________________As in the Man Ray discussed by Guattari and Deleuze in the 

 and to see the role JuxtapOsition plays in the poesie of the dada poets especially in Tzara's which I know best but in the others too As in Arp and Hulsenbeck 

________________________________ cause its a machine

but not mechanical ____________________________________

cause its like a telephone with all the parts  Not compOsing a totality but something that works

and th e cover of the Phone is not greater than its parts, it a  whole cover but no better but as they say in A/O its just 

along side the rest  __ it functions __ in this case wholes work as function and that is their 'unifiying role' but
not one that SubsuMes
the rest

__________________________ because machines / like dada parts of a poem
does not necessarily

fit but do they work

does the poem/piece work

if not does it break

Now deisring mahcines only work whgen they break

cause what works in a poem dont necessarily reflect the technical workings of real machines

_ Now do you see what I mean

 We'll talk more soon demonstrating our means by what our saying in what we do as practice _____________________________> meanwhile daily life
and in awe of the events in Egypt ___________________>