changing fonts and Heads

  Each text is 'revisted' __________________________Boom! a novel. no
vel. L
_________________________________Standing in your head.
                         Not same as standing IN your head.
 what is a  head by the way? do we really have heads?
                                                      where is your ?                       and bodies?
what happens if I underline a text
 I am trying a lot of different fonts and various experiments in the blogs

its interesting to see what can be done
between the different templates

an' font styles

're not consistent from browser to browser ApParEntly!

Its really quite funny
                funny funny as in the Funnies

as well each blog post might look different

I don't do much of that on radio deleuze but in the fictions and dada duffy blog I play around a lot

earlier today|But today in this blog is tomorrow / or the next 'stage' 'age' of a plateau... which is  a field or file one might suggest of intensity..... the text on the fictions of deleuze and guattari was inViSible!

                                one for sure thing: the text is there! and perty much the same! if same's the right word.

 Doctor Deleuze
do you agree?

                              Doctor Schizoanalysis
cuts up
                                                his scirrors
paying the rent
    the buttocks
(of love
of god

He's leaning down 
                               inclined to kiss the goddess buttocks 

 she wants to hold his head there