On the shores and shelves

Dada duffy wrote  about the Shores of Dada Phenomena fenomena    ~

 'at Pirates 
 Corry Shores has written a long and detailed  text


which gets to the several hearts of the matters about dada machinery and the delinking and non associative connections of the whole and part the part whole  

of dada its .
 its there to here its over there and the wealth of illustration to its action acting

it's by far the most detailed energetic informed reading that I have come across. by far recent. recent informed far detailed ... as   as    as  da    As a dada tailor I'd say I Corry Shores' cutting the cloth
perfectly cut perfectly cloth 

as cloth to juxtaposted  as 
 coinage to reaching i n 
disassociative dancer danger

   as Chants de  ________________________________

 word coinage thought connecting cohere incohere

                                    its the most detailed
 as broken pieces fit the juxtaposition of the    ~ juxtaposed
  posed to broke pieces/ morsel/fit as ragged edge
  as  Schwitters collaGed

Here are some  of the  questions he asks us to consider :

he ask us
we consider

we consider
to ask

'What do Dadaist machinical  (check out the new coinage)

phenomena got to do with you?

What means the most to us in our lives are the things that really stand-out.

We might carry them to our grave, even after so much is forgotten in our later aging; what still stands-out the most in our minds and memories will continue to have their affect on us.

 Should we not care, then, about what makes something stand-out?'

___________And we do(care) and Shores goes further to answer stating:

_______________ So we at radio radio
at radio radio
we at radio radio
at the radio

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