Artaud and the terror of electro shock ... .


Artaud wrote the Van Gogh  sucideded by society.

.Artaud was sucided by the same society.

This extraordinary  video of a perforamnce which .... 

 As for this recording , I have been unable to find any information about who the actors were nor what else they have done.

At the you tube channel where I came across it
 4 years ago are these words:

A terrible witchcraft was done to Antonin Artaud.

Uma terrível magia foi feita contra Antonin Artaud.
Eu sou Artaud no filme de Fábio Terre.
I am Artaud in the film.

you tuber   amigojoka

___________________ Artaud was  the great schizophrenic poet of the 20th century  ~.

He wrote poetry, acted in the theatre,
and in film.  He recored his poetry in text, and in his
last years he drew and painted,  and there are a handful of audio recordings;

He left a
frightening and exhilarating 'body' of work,
marked by terrifying thresholds, and electric
nerves branding unknown areas of human experience.

Artaud invented The Theatre of Cruelty.

He coined the phrase body without organs while describing his own hellish
experiences    ~. he also used the phrase To End the Judgement of God,

both this expression and body without organs were taken on into their
by Felix Guattari and G. Deleuze  ~ .

He was also confined in Rodez madhouse against his will
where he suffered E.C.T. electro convulsive 'therapy.' 
 At one moment he was declared
dead but thanks to an orderly
he was not carted
off to the  
cadaver  holding house
in the bin .

His work and life changed 'our' notion
of what it means to be an artist.
It continues to do so  ~
How else
    could it be in this world ?
 There are numerous places to find 
the works of Artaud. in the internet, in bookstores, and   ~
there are many who'follow' his work,  ; a lot of people have written
about him   ~

In English,
The best english translation that I know of is the one that 
was published by 

City Lights  
      Artaud Anthology.
It contains what I think are the most
piercing and intense English versions of his texts,  those of
Jack Hirschman and David Rattray  ~

For a brief period back in 1980's  David Rattray was a friend of mine,
and   in youtube him you can see him reading his
translation of Artaud. He read it in my kitchen once,
and I have tape of that reading and believe you me,
it was  electric, vivid, and strong.  I was doing a radio
programme at the time called Ways of Escape, and he was a
guest . David Rattray
told me that he did not think that Clayton Esheleman's
translations (although more numerous) of Artaud
succeeded as well as his own or those of Jack
Hirschman's . I have read some of the 
former's and I agree with Rattray. I believe Rattray knew
the French language better than any man alive at the time.
He had lived in France close to 27 years (from his
mid teens to his early 40's)  before returning to live
in the United States.

In my mind, to anyone who's not read Artaud 
writing yet, I 'd suggest  not to read any introductions
but simply to dive into the work for yourself.

See where it takes you, this is the way of art, and 
being in the middle of things. Start in the middle.
 Don't worry about beginings and ends. Start where you
are and proceed from there.


Antonin Artaud will teach you himself, and afterwards
you can seek navigators. That is if you are interested. Maybe you won't be,
and if that is the case, then give the book away  ~ .

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