Borne too little clad too

that Hip happening? 

hast little to borne its nigh/come to/forever /knowing
Has little to born the night/nigh too

 its air of propinquity   ~

yet has left little o                                         r no room for Paternity as beauty and love of fathers and sons

                       haphazard to the sun   ~  .                                   orpheecdpoet orpheecdpoet 

 of gender studies and so called post feminism is an attack to on the despotic notions of father
t'a' morph'

Dedalus' discourse on Shakespeare                                  and father/Hamlet/son


Paternity the legal fiction but then again/
< as maternity is knowning   ~  its propriety sense visible to nature
             's own >

                     lacanian crap (=shit =manure=ur as in Ur of chaldee? ) what f ather breast holds this UP? about fathers nor Freud's murderous ideations.

Ulysses and Finnegans Wake rescue books of the father
------------------------as the return to Father


with an Irish elongation

                                                  James Joyce ~greatest father figure writer of 20 century

( it seems to me that 
Joyce    considers  the father
as  a line
of escape
from the tryannies
of  power

father  as in Shakespeare
the one creating himself
is orphan
 he 's an  unconscious

because his paternity
is  legal

and in a sense
  (or dictionorbituary) 

question of molecular poetic? practical incisions

(we'll come back to this idea    ~ )wallow doant follow?

----------------------------------------this way the mist


__________________oncovering fog   ~

-father's day is the persecution of actual fathers

take yr /fatherland/

take your father

                          'fathers day'? what day ? paternity a legal                          


 cheers across fitt/an/blogger lands


Take squares and lines/puddle of segment/

                                           Dialectics /we can do/without
(dailydialects ayeaye my captain~!)


I follow you follow/fallow
a hail well fallow   ~
    into the ring

------------------------------------------- of held every ring borne too much
 father held its offspring the man died too young