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"Where do the similarities between the ballerina and bull rider begin and end? 

Think of Penthesilea andTheseus


The classical ballerina and the American bull rider, in their shared struggle towards verticality, are similarly clad: the elevation of the cowboy boot and the en pointe ballet slipper, the unnecessary frill and thrill of the chaps and tutu, the glinting tiara, the sparkling winner’s belt. Both fetishize the instruments of their making: feverish loyalties to specific ballet slippers, engrained predilections for certain resins for waxing the rope that provides the rider’s handhold. The ballerina flits across the dimly lit proscenium; the cowboy flies through the fluorescent-lit dust of the roofed rodeo stadium."

Mary Walling Blackburn


Issue 11 Flight 

The Bullrider and the Ballerina