re assemblages

CParNIture: Are these comments and connections  meant to be tuned to your own workings Duffy?
Duffy : to the extent extant  that they are they are / yet everyone
has a body and the a text a the text is not necessarilya  body in spite of what certain thinker s might have thought     ~  we know a body exists outside of writing_ we do as wench to a delight     ~ poetry is a body of life  yet life itself is tentative especially in the dictatorships of fascisms  ,,, capitalisms (of conseravtive and other stripes)  totalitarianisms    ~  so poesie marks a n outside limit perhaps? 

ever the indirect statement    ~

that's broadcast for tonight   ~

let sleeping bedbugs lie!
(along with dogs and their trainers , mastards, bastards ,  and bullsheep )