Soarin' Søren Kierkegaard ~ Shall I compare thee to a summer day?

The knight of inFiniTe trembling and fear! the despair of despairs and Leaping in Time in the NoW Soaring Kierkegaard! Note that the name Kierkegaard itself leaps and jumps in time creating an arch of movement . Kiekegaard's movements are always those of a dancer. And it's comparison he himself made ~ Where? I c an't remember it's been too long since I've read the man. But what a wonderful man he was! and an astounding writer. I remember UnCOnCluDing ScIEntiFic Post Script! My own copy is tattered
And ToRn and its bEen Years Nay Decades Since I owned that first copy of the ConCept of DRead! and O how we Dread! And  think of his soaring tribute to Socrates.  His battle with Hegel         and the dialectic that drowns the individual's singularity ~  The concept of repetition and memory . And his love for Christ, and how he explains that Christ cannot be seen as a hero type.And the book about despair and his Journals and his  Two VolUmes of Either OR  (in one of which he defines the poet as a man singing in the fire at the bottom of a pit! on fire as he roasts and his cries become verses, songs, and poems to the ears of those who hear him) (his sleuthful reading of Mozart's Don Juan) ( the distinctions between the aesthetic and the ethical)and the fantastic numerous Names for each book and idea a name a character, a creator, each distinct and separate. And his last works of Christian jouRnaling and his Brave Life as he walked the streets of CopEnhagen ~ O KierKEagaard! And his act of giving up his  love for his faith the dance of his own immanence on earth in the resurrection of the body and soul, body and soul are both immanent and immanent to each other in the delicate drum of becoming.

                                   Søren is alive and kicking that i
 Soren's kicking up at
He's kicking and bounding
He dance man
He the dance man of thought   ~

Backwards and Forward  ~  

What is a poet? An unhappy man who in his heart harbors a deep anguish, but whose lips are so fashioned that the moans and cries which pass over them are transformed into ravishing music. 

His fate is like that of the unfortunate victims whom the tyrant Phalaris imprisoned in a brazen bull, and slowly tortured over a steady fire; their cries could not reach the tyrant's ears so as to strike terror into his heart; when they reached his ears they sounded like sweet music. 

And men crowd around the poet and say to him, "Sing for us soon again"—which is as much as to say, "May new sufferings torment your soul, but may your lips be fashioned as before; for the cries would only distress us, but the music, the music, is delightful.

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                             Søren is alive and kicking that infinite knight of faith! AT pIRATES AND 
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