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That is because the superiority of American literature and its writers—"traitor to
ones own reign, traitor to ones sex, to ones class, to ones majority" (Deleuze
& Parnet 1977b, 33) ... is unimpeachable when it is a matter of making a
psychotic breath' pass through the regularity of language. 

"The American is the
one who has freed himself from the English paternal function, he is the son of a torn
father, of all nations" and who only believes in a society without fathers'... Here
lies "the schizophrenic vocation of American literature" (Deleuze 1989, 84-85).94

---------------------------Eric Alliez Deleuze with Masoch   ~

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In his Autobiography, Masoch represents himself as the vile little fox of German
literature ("exposed to the same persecutions in the coop of German literature"),