Well aware that .. .. MIchel Foucault fiction and

____________Did you hear these words before? was there a knight holding a fiction fort against his plating rest his arrest and her breast whitedoved as the somber sign of the sun?
                               she heard this quiet lecture:
'I am well aware that I have never written anything but fictions. 
I do not mean to say, however, that truth is therefore absent.

 It seems to me that the possibility exists for fictions to function in truth,
 for a fictional discourse to induce effects of truth,

 and for bringing it about that a true discourse engenders or “manufactures” something that does not as yet exist,'

 one “fictions” a politics not yet in existence on the basis of a historical truth.


Michel Foucault said that and its been   translated into English inn this book: by the name of:
Power/Knowledge: Selected Interviews and Other Writings 1972–1977.

  According to repute there are other transfers and translations of these secret books of Mister Foucault whose name contains the word Fou    `.