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How is the translation of One Thousand Plateaus coming along? I was thinking about you and Zohrée's . I think it must be a rich work to translate this french work into Persian. I am certain there are many choices to make . In each plateau. For instance, I was wondering how you would translate 'agencement' and 'assemblage' . Both words have been used to translate the same and opposing term. So one must 'agence' the 'assemblage!'.

    • Iman Ganji All the four of us hope the translation would come at least acceptable. Yes it's hard, but we do our best. You're right about the 'agencement' and yet there are lots of other terms, too. But One Thousand Plateaus is a fabulous wonderful book and even the translation was really enjoyable.
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    • Clifford Duffy I just left some lengthy comments on your co-workers wall. And I guess, I see it as a bricolage assemblage. Keep the word Assemblage as it contains the word Ass! and the Ass (the donkey, the buttocks etcetera) is a word replete with humor! and fun, of course.
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    • Clifford Duffy I wish one day you will record excerpts of your translations . Hearing it would be a treat.
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    • Clifford Duffy I hope you don/t mind if i blog some of these comments/conversations.. these are the fuel of the imaginative artist. and i always only speak as an artist not a philosopher! hahahah
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      How is the translation coming along? It is a big work to translate. I am anxious to hear more.

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        • Clifford Duffy For instance, I was wondering how you would translate 'agencement' and 'assemblage' . Both words have been used to translate the same and opposing term. So one must 'agence' the 'assemblage!'.
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        • Zohrée Exiri Yes, there are many problems (especially in Persian language) concerning this translation. The word “agencement” has several roots: “common notions” and “compositions” in Spinoza - also it means “in connection with”, “arrangement of connections”, etc. Eric Alliez also believes that assemblage is not the proper and exact translation for agencement. Furthermore, the Persian words for assemblage, arrangement, and agencement are not precise enough, so we should somehow re-create the concepts in Persian. Moreover, we have many other problems with many other words and concepts in regard to Persian language, for example enunciation and expression have the same Persian translation, or there are many words and expressions which have no usage or conception in our language. Thus, we sometimes have to choose a word which has both meanings, and sometimes we need to explain the usage and conception of the term thoroughly.
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        • Clifford Duffy I know that Alliez says this and I wrote a post at Radio Deleuze expressing a different view. However even his own disagreement ought to be tempered by his comments on the term. In the Guattari Effect's introductory he writes about the 'whole' problem of translatiing any of these terms. As they kept changing both singularly in Deleuze's hands in Guattari's. Massumi, the translator of the ATP into english uses assemblage as the term is rich in connotation in this language. I think that in the end one does the best with the material at hand, no? This indeed is a method of bricolage and the bricoleur. I do so agree and think the diversity of terms invites a reinvention and this Alliez errs in the one instance where he made the claim that assemblage is not accurate. You see Assemblage in English is already a pun of rich resources, and I suspect Alliez is not as keenly aware of that. In any case! It is all good and important work, and one or two cannot go wrong. One must bifurcate the terms and use them as things to employ and not finally to define them.
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        • Clifford Duffy A final and more comic word on this subject: thorough is a thorough as thorough goes! A thorough bred horse outlives its purebred status after a generation!
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        • Clifford Duffy Let me add a 'final' comment__ "As an Anexactetude, the piece draws some inspiration from Deleuze's concept of the anexact - something which is neither exact, nor inexact, but precisely anexact. It is sound, perhaps more than any other sense, that permanently and precisely occupies the creative world of the anexact."http://www.chimpsonic.com/Chimpsonic/Noiristical.html

          According to  Deleuze, the Baroque refers not to an essence but rather to an ope...See More
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        • Clifford Duffy Paul Valery the French poet remarks that a translation is never complete, but it is abandonded. Forgive my lengthly comments. I'll do some blogging on these matters.
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