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trundle and aerial. find your immanence. a flow of soft moving things. that's what he said to me. he said that as I sat in the lecture hall reading a novel by a certain Anthony Burgess. An old reactionary author of the classic type, utterly lovable with this transcendental gew-gaws and loving intellingencers.

You have always been this way CD. CP speaking to me via the taper-Recorder reel-to-reel.

We called it No MOre FuN  __ I wrote the Punketariat manifesto 1978 ~ Punketariat 1978   ~ .

 LOTS OF collages and poetry   ~_____________________

So r
adio Deleuze was  born of a synthesis of Radio Self F.M. __ A.M.

    and the mongers of charm and Maison Flake   ~.