re the____ anCienT between PoetTry and PhilOsophy

Ok, that was nice that Mister Bad i.O.U.    (hes bad cause his i.o.u. stinks and he hates the writings of our Deleuze and Guattari turning their work upside down to get what he wants from it and abstracting Guattari from the equation ___ negating the works of that Deleuze wrote called One Thousand Plateaus and Antioedipus__ Bad i o  u is not on the ball   __ its as if someone denied that Louis Armstrong ever did good music when he played in orchestras with other people besides himself..... Badiou is off base...quotes Arthur Rimbaud remarking on what he calls a tie between poetry and philosophy one that he says is ancient.  But is that the case? Is it not rather the case that the tie between poetry and philosophy is that philosophers have tried to imprison poets? and Plato's the most notorious of them all?  Everyone knows the story of the Republic and how poets or bards, makers, men like Homer were to be banished , expelled, kept out, held at a remove  where their influence is diminished or becomes virtually nothing.

Far as I know Deleuze is one of the few, of a handful of philosophers who did not put poets in square boxes that don't fit, but let the poets and writers that he loved find their own place ________ the writings (and life)of Artaud (for instance)  in his work and  the books  he co-wrote with Felix Guattari  is  of the first order . 

The first page of Antioedipus  is sprinkled with invisible quotations from poets, the second page outright quotes from Le nz and the famous image of the schio out for a walk   that's closely followed by Beckett and his awkward gaited Malones and Molloys   within a few pages there's Lawrence and Miller, Artaud's steam engines examples of exemplary  desire-machines bursting the surface of stupid Oedipalization and the pathetic compromises  that ensue thereby.

What  a sham to deny them their glory or the glory of Artaud and the other artists they humbly take from and  from whom they admit philosophers and psychiatirits ought to humbly acknowledge and learn from

Badiou is the author of the negative  rangadang clatter along with his general Zizek the attacker. Mister Hegel upside Lacan the priest of lack. How they hate! HOW THEY urge the negative ! Missery Bad I.O.U. and Lacan, and General signifier Zizek hate what Deleuze did. let's not pull punches anylonger.

So the tie is also a chain, a shackle a prisoner's bond forcing him to do time. to do time in the philosopher's sentence and to live like a dog. memorizing his own poems forgetting those of others___ Now Plato is also peeved at poets cause they dont represent true things as he sees them   
that being the IdeaARs and    eternal shapes of  the Ideal Real.....

Were Arthur Rimbaud
alive do you think
he'd read Bad I.O.U???
no t so likely

He'd read

One Thousand Plateaus
and its anomoulous

he'd tuned already into the Illuminations at 17

 and Shakespeare?
He'd laugh  Bad i.o.u

out of court

 There are more things in heaven and earth
than in your philosophy Horatio
says Mister Hamlet


 and it goes on and on ....

___ anCienT between PoetTry and PhilOsophy

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